Fast & Easy Access

Friendly enables patients to report common health concerns to their own trusted provider using mobile or web interface.

Rapid Diagnosis

Using Friendly, clinicians can diagnose common cases in less than 2 minutes.

Family Caregiving

Friendly helps family members take better care of their loved ones.

IBM Watson

Patients can use cognitive computing to ask questions and receive medical grade advise without involving a physician.

Your Brand

Friendly helps you, a healthcare organization, build your brand and expand your footprint through white labeling solution.

Build Your Own Guidelines

Friendly enables healthcare organizations build their own new protocols without involving IT.

EMR Integration

Friendly never disrupts your workflow. We integrate with existing EMRs and streamline all non-critical documentation.

Find Providers

Your patients will be able to easily find the right physician. If an appointment is needed, we will automatically schedule it on the patient’s behalf.


We help you treat the following conditions out of the box. Your organization can build more protocols through an easy to use drag and drop interface.

  • Abdominal Pain – Adult and Pediatric

  • Acne – Adult and Pediatric

  • Acute Cough

  • Chronic Cough

  • Alcohol Screening

  • Ankle Sprain

  • Burn

  • Chest Pain

  • Cold sores

  • Depression

  • Earache

  • Fever and body aches

  • Headache

  • Lower back issues

  • Pain

  • Rash

  • Social Issues Evaluation

  • Sore Throat

  • Urinary Symptoms

  • Burning eye


Healthcare Systems

We enable Healthcare Systems to recruit more patients, retain existing patients and increase patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Employers use Friendly to provide to their employees with quick and easy access to care without having to leave their office. Friendly enables working family caregivers to be more efficient with their duties.


Improve outcomes by helping physicians and nurses adhere better to guidelines and serve more patients without sacrificing the quality of care.

A New Paradigm in Doctor-Patient Communication

Learn how Friendly can benefit you!



50% faster diagnosis of common illnesses.


40% less non-critical documentation


80% better adherence to evidence-based guidelines


60% more patients a day without sacrificing the quality of care.


Friendly values each of our partnerships