Cost reduction is one of the highest priorities in healthcare today. At Friendly we believe that our technology is uniquely positioned to reduce the costs of common, easily treated illnesses.  This case study will demonstrate how our technology lowers costs for both patients and payers — all that while allowing caregivers to maintain and increase their income.

Aetna provided Friendly with specialized access to “de-identified” claims data from its members, so that we could demonstrate how our research and technology will validate the effectiveness of cost reduction for a large population. The data contains information from more than 16M recent visits across 10 million patient lives.


What we do and how it works:

Friendly allows patients get high quality care from their own provider, at home or on their mobile device – day, night or weekend, and for less than the cost of a copayment. Providers get improved efficiency and expand capacity by 40%, while reducing costs and dramatically improving outcomes.  Here is how it works:

  • Patient calls in with a low-acuity illness requesting a visit (or use their existing patient portal)

  • Triage nurse give them a choice to either wait for in-person appointment, or answer a series of personalized questions and receive a treatment plan and potentially prescription in 4 hours or less

  • Patient chooses to answer a series of questions about their condition. These questions are based on latest recommended guidelines

  • If the patient has an appropriate wifi-enabled device, he or she can use it to take and report vitals data. They can also attach images and videos, if needed

  • If any of the answers raise red flags, the patient is placed in the right care setting

  • If everything is normal, the results are compiled in a SOAP report, properly documented in the EMR, and sent for review to a clinician

  • Clinician is informed that there is a new low-acuity case to review. She reviews it in less than 2 minutes and determines the next steps

Data and results (based on Aetna claims data):

Number of Lives 10 Million
Number of Visits 16 Million
Number of Visits Identified for Savings 1.9 Million
Total Savings $387 Million

As you can see from this summary, the potential to streamline common cases using automation e-visit technology developed by Friendly is enormous and the analysis only covered 10 of our 500 targeted illnesses. This indicates that even at lower adoption rates the opportunity for savings are dramatic.

The table below will demonstrate cost reductions for top 10 common illnesses:

Visit reason Total Cost Cost with Friendly Total Savings
UTI $25,063,584 $1,623,552 $23,440,032
Earache $24,725,505 $1,286,985 $23,438,520
Rash $23,071,265 $113,091 $22,958,174
Diaper rash $19,925,894 $7,841,678 $12,084,216
Flu $18,378,882 $89,267 $18,289,615
Cold sore $16,764,384 $2,350,775 $14,413,609
Depression $14,992,686 $563,754 $14,428,931
Bronchitis $9,776,242 $5,161,370 $4,614,872
Allergy $9,305,805 $361,252 $8,944,553
Pinkeye $9,198,350 $646,769 $8,551,581


The significant savings demonstrated by our analysis of claims provided by Aetna shows that Friendly offers real common illnesses cost reduction on a very large scale. These savings can be realized by offering our technology inside your healthcare portal or application. Our platform can easily be integrated into your workflow or portal by calling our Diagnostic API. Our technical team will help to facilitate this, and implementation can be done in a matter of weeks, not months.

Our strong intellectual portfolio includes EMR-agnostic integration framework, which allows us to lower non-critical documentation time by 40%, and diagnostic engine, which lets providers modify medical protocols and create their own, using demographics data available in their EMR, thus creating highly personalized protocols that are based on evidence-based guidelines.