Willmar, MN, San Francisco, CA January 18, 2016

Friendly Health Technologies is pleased to announce that after an extensive pilot ACMC a regional leader in West Central and Southwest Minnesota’s health care delivery system has selected Friendly Health’s Asynchronous Patient-Doctor communication platform to better serve its patient population.

“Through the use of Friendly’s mobile platform we will be able to offer our services to a wider population of patients who can from the comfort of their home or office report their common symptoms, get diagnosed and receive medication if necessary. The provider interface, which is available on desktop as well as mobile devices, enables our physicians to attend these cases easily, effectively and securely from any location. The private branded solution allows us to attract more patients and increase our existing patient loyalty.” Said Dr. David Ross, MD, MBA Medical Director of ACMC.

“We are delighted to have ACMC join our list of growing customer base. Through partnership with ACMC we were able to further improve our platform by receiving excellent feedback from the pilot ACMC conducted. We look forward to working with ACMC clinical and IT staff in the coming years to make Friendly technologies improve their patient experience, making their patients even more loyal and improve efficiencies of their clinical staff workflow.” said Natasha Alexeeva CEO of Friendly.

About ACMC

The ACMC network is a regional leader in West Central and Southwest Minnesota’s health care delivery system. Our 11-clinic network, which serves six local hospitals (5 critical access) and about 100,000 patients throughout the region has over 180 physicians and advanced practice providers and features more than 40 specialty departments with over 900 support staff. The heart of ACMC is providing compassionate, quality care for our patients

About Friendly Health Technologies

Friendly uses evidence based guidelines as well as patient’s current symptoms, health history, allergies, medications and other relevant variables from the patient records in the EMR, to collect personalized and relevant information. The results are compiled in a report, which is reviewed by a physician or nurse in 2-3 minutes who provides personalized instructions for patient’s needs. Friendly reduces unreimbursed phone calls, reduces documentation of non-critical cases by automatically managing the encounter in the electronic medical record, and helps health care organizations attract and retain patients.