Personally Identifiable Data Masking



Never Expose Your Sensitive Data

Friendly identifies all sensitive information and masks it prior to the analysis. After the analysis is complete, Friendly “re-stitches” all data back in. That way third party vendors never see the values, or the inference, of the analysis, making it absolutely safe and secure.

Transforming unstructured text into structured data



Quick & Trustworthy

Friendly consumes scanned documents and outputs ready-for-analysis data set. Our active learning technology gets better every time you provide feedback to it.

Unlocking Scans

All your scans, even hand written, unlocked!

Our data pre-processing deep learning models will prepare even the most challenging data set by transferring all notes, typed or handwritten, into analyzable format.

Semi-automatic data labelling

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Artificial intelligence analysis is a very powerful tool – if performed on a well defined and balanced data set. We make your data shine with our labeling techniques.