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Our Vision

It’s pretty simple: we want to help businesses and individuals reach their fullest potential.


Friendly was born out of the belief that we can all be better – more productive, healthier, happier – with just “a little help from our friends.”


Our leaders recognized that with strategically applied AI and deep learning, we could do more than just create a company – we could become a true business partner to organizations by helping them be better.

Our Business

Friendly is a robotic cognition company with workflow automation solutions tailored specifically for Insurance and Financial Services. Unlike other one-size-fits-all (or none) AI companies, we have harnessed our considerable experience and crafted our technology to “speak the language” of insurance…yes, we actually know what an Attending Physician Statement is.

Friendly’s powerful automation platform digitizes any document from any source, auto-adjudicates claims, and enables new business STP – it’s a full-service, end-to-end solution. It’s fast and secure. And, it works in support of your people – they’re called upon when needed to review a case or approve a payment, but by freeing them of repetitive tasks and piles of paper, they’re now empowered to focus on the things that really matter to your business.

We’re a young company, with experience beyond our years…Our leaders were working in Machine Learning even before it was called Machine Learning – seriously.

We’ve gathered some of the most talented people from across the worlds of robotics technology and insurance for the singular purpose of helping you and your organization work well.

Experienced Leadership

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