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Insurance Automation

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Friendly is a robotic cognition company with workflow automation solutions tailored for Insurance and Financial Services


We digitize and summarize the most challenging documents and language formats - even handwriting!


Friendly's smart summary enables faster decision making and straight-through processing of new business.


We understand medical terminology and can even perform fully automatic claim adjudication.


We’ve partnered with some of the most successful insurance carriers in the world.


Together we’re achieving amazing results. We want to help your organization be even better too.



Friendly uses intelligent character recognition to digitize both structured and unstructured documents – including tables, low-resolution and handwritten text - with over 90% accuracy. And we’re even better when it comes to the critical data that matters most to you.

For example, our average APS accuracy score is over 95%. That’s because our models are pre-trained on real medical data - so we immediately produce highly accurate results, and improve even more as we absorb new cases and learn your unique document formats. And If we’re not confident in a data point, we’ll flag it for live review.

Digitization provides many benefits, accurate data capture being just one. Secure storage, classification, searchability, analysis…all reduce administrative time and cost.



Once a document has been converted to digital format, the real power of automation begins.

First, Friendly cleans the document by eliminating excess and duplicate data.

Then, we apply natural language processing to extract, classify, and summarize key information – indicative data, family and social history, health history, etc - producing a convenient, actionable report

Imagine, no more hunching over bulky files for hours with a highlighter. A file with dozens or even hundreds of documents is now condensed to a few highly accurate, highly relevant pages.




Of course we’d love to process your claims too, and our full-service platform can do just that. Here’s how it works:

Key claim data is extracted from case documents and run through our adjudication engine.


We build a digital coverage booklet unique to each customer you serve, then cross-reference ingested data against the employer contract to determine benefit levels and route payment recommendations to the adjuster for final approval.


Stock Market Data


Our platform securely absorbs and digitizes the application and other onboard documentation– in any format from any source - then automatically extracts key information that would normally be manually located by an administrator or underwriter.

If any information is missing or incomplete, Friendly flags it – we notify the underwriter, and we can even contact the applicant directly via a friendly reminder text or email.


Accurate capture of medical data

Business Handshake


It’s true -

first impressions are everything.

Initial contact with a potential customer is likely to determine if an outcome is successful. Friendly understands this crucial period.

We have dramatically enhanced the new business cycle by reducing time required for risk assignment and accelerating your ability to provide quick and competitive quotes.

Document with Pen


Next the extracted data is auto-routed to the underwriter in the form of a concise, actionable summary. All the unwanted “noise” has been removed – the summary contains only the key information your underwriters need to proceed to risk modeling.

And remember, this happened fast – so your underwriter and your business reap the benefits of faster revenue inflows and greater customer satisfaction.


The Rise of Supplemental Insurance

The supplemental benefits space has been one of the fastest growing segments of insurance, largely through the recent expansion of Medicare Advantage plans.

Both the uptake of benefits and type of new products in the market has increased dramatically - and the rapid growth isn’t expected to slow down any time soon.


Killer Costs

At the same time, manual operations and excessive administrative costs continue to weigh down carriers, harming their ability to perform at optimal levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, statistics from the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare reveal that manual transactions cost $5 more and take 7 minutes longer than transactions processed electronically. And McKinsey estimates that digital automation can reduce claim expenses by as much as 30%.

Whether dealing with piles of paper files or an outdated CMS, the bottom line is you’re probably spending too much time and money managing the quote and claim cycle. The ever-expanding suite of insurance products will only exacerbate the problem.

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Image by Alex Knight

Automation =

Core workflows no longer need to be manual and expensive. By automating basic administrative processes and tedious repetitive tasks, you can infuse new energy into your organization by rededicating staff to essential business and high-touch customer service.


And while you’re at it, why not:

  • Improve process efficiencies and lower operational costs

  • Safely & securely store digital content

  • Get a handle on waste and fraud

  • Dramatically reduce quote and claim cycle time

  • Raise the customer experience to an elite level

  • Assess your competitive power


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